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Original Pacific Coast Railway/Union Oil Pier under construction in April 1914 –Courtesy of Jack & Alice Spaulding

Lt. General Dwight D. Eisenhower sends Union Oil a telegram commending the company for its role in the war effort. -Courtesy of Pam Parsons

1955 Map of San Luis Obispo Bay, Port San Luis made by Department of Commerce United State of America. Originally published in 1937 this 1955 edition was 25 cents. -Courtesy of Pam Parsons

All that remained of Unocal Pier after March 1983 storm. -Courtesy of Pam Parsons

Rebuilding starts on new Unocal Pier. -Courtesy of Pam Parsons

Rebuilding starts on new Unocal Pier. -Courtesy of Pam Parsons

Rebuilding starts on new Unocal Pier. -Courtesy of Pam Parsons

As the dedication ceremony took place a rainbow broke out over the beach at Avila. -Courtesy of Pam Parsons

President Warren Baker, Mark Smith (Unocal Vice President for Real Estate), Jack Spaulding (Cal Poly Alumni and retired Unocal employee), Phil Bailey (Dean, College of Science and Mathematics), Kenneth Smith (Unocal Program Manager, Central Coast Group), Michael J. Morris (Attorney at Law, Andre, Morris & Buttery) and William J. Almas (Unocal Manager, Government Affairs, Central Coast Group). -Courtesy of Pam Parsons

Rail, Pipeline, and Telephone Lines at Port Harford. -Courtesy of Avila Historical Society

Reefs of Oil Buried on Avila Beach. -Courtesy of Avila Historical Society

Union Oil Tankers in Water, 1925. -Courtesy of Avila Historical Society

Seawater facility and aquarium room. -Photo by Katie Grady

Tom Moylan and Jason Felton pulling the Zodiac inflatable out of the bay. -Photo by Katie Grady

Jason Felton and graduate student Ben Davini coming back from collecting samples. -Katie Grady

Mark Moline, professor in the Biological Sciences Department. -Photo by Katie

Heading into the conference room on the pier. -Photo by Katie Grady


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